Read This Mummy ~

Who is she ? She's my only beloved mother .. She's a picture of patience & means everything to me .. Yes ! I really love her AND I hope she knows that ! Sometimes I may hurt her but I didn't mean that .. So, straight to the point .. Yesterday was her Birthday .. And now, She is 40 years old .. Don't worry mummy, you still look young , pretty gorgeous and I really mean it .. Yes ! Mummy, I hope you like the thing we do for your birthday celebration .. Juat simple but full of big laugh & jokes .. Mummy, i wish you always happy in your lifetime .. I promise you ;

  • When you are sick I will take a good care of you because I really love You ~

  • When you need me I will always stay by yourside InsyaALLAH ~

  • Whenever or Whereever you are, I'm always prays for your safeness, healthness & happiness ~

P/S : Please don't laugh at me if my grammar are bad , as long as i know what i wanna say n i'm sure you get it .. Salam :)

Happy Birthday Mak !