Assalamualaikum to all my sweet readers :)

Today, I will be a part of the CFS IIUM PJ (Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia) freshies. A very famous and an accredited university in Malaysia. To be honest, I'm so nervous when I know I got this offer but still I thanked Allah for give me this rezeki. He knows what the best for me, right ? 

Btw, I just can't imagine the way I will answer those two tests during orientation or here we called it Taaruf Week which is English Placement Test (EPT) & Arab Placement Test (APT). Maybe for English, I should just read many kinds of English books materials but then I still don't get any idea for Arab that I'm actually have zero basic in Arab. However, after doing some research on APT, seniors said that we don't have to worry about the APT that the effect is just I will be placed in the Level 1 of Arab class, learn the same thing as the primary students learned. How fun.

Emmm, not to forget I'm the PHARMACY FOUNDATION STUDENT. Hopely everything will be fine. In shaa Allah, I will update my life journey as a UIA student. Do pray for me okey guys dudes. And, sorry for all my mistakes. 

Ni gmbr akak senior, ni kain sarung yg dipakai tima taaruf week with baju kurung batik.
UIA pointer.

Allah huakabar! Give me strength Allah, amin.....