Officially IIUM Kuantan Student

Assalamualaikum people. 

Alhamdulillah, I'm officially a Pharmacy Degree Student in IIUM Kuantan since September 2015. Alhamdulillah, and thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. May Allah bless all of us. Amiiiin...

So as usual, the campus life begin with Orientation Day or here we call it 'Taaruf Week' or shortform 'TAWE'. I'm so grateful that it was just for three days and everything went well. Alhamdulillah. 

Basically, TAWE is held to introduce the degree life, the systems, the places & much more. The best things about TAWE is the cultural night, I mean the superb performances by all the freshies. We were grouped randomly, not according to our courses so we got to know new friends from other courses. And not to forget, I will never forget the moment I vowed my pharmacist oath during 'Lab Coat Ceremony', this ceremony is just for first year pharmacy students.

From left: myself, Anis, Piqah, Mira (my ex-roomates)
Sadly, Anis, Piqah & Mira no longer be my roomates along this first year but it's okay, our room still near to each other. 

My new roomate is Aishah Suhaimi alone. Supposedly, one room is for four students but the other two were transferred to another uni. So, I live with Aishah only, just both of us. At the beginning, it is quite awkward and silent but then alhamdulillah both us get along faster than I thought we would. Moreover, Aishah is my classmate during CFS time. Anyway, I would like to thanks Aishah for everything, she has been nice to me, vey nice. Thank you for always turn off my lights when I fall asleep, for lending me your keetle, for all the food we had shared together, for waking me up if I fall asleep, for teaching me almost everything, for being a good example for me. Seriously, Aishah is a reliable friend & has the characteristics that all 'mak2 mertua' want HAHAHA 

So, presenting to you my whole classmates of 92 persons. Our batch are known s RX 14. So far, we recorded the most least students of all previous batches. Of course, as usual, we have only 17 brothers and the rest are sisters HAHAHA. What to do. At first, we might be awkward for the first few months but then as time passed by, we are getting close I guess, HAHAHA.

That's it, I will tell you how this course kills you slowly. HAHAHA. I'm kidding, jangan kecam saya please! To be honest, Pharmacy Students are the most busiest students in IIUM Kuantan & people surrounding also know this. Why? Because we got the most pack schedule compared to other courses, just imagine we are having class straight from 8 am till 6 pm with only an hour and half break for lunch and Zuhr prayer. Plus, we got quizzes almost everyweek, not only for one subject hokey but can be up to 3 subjects. Menangis kau.. HAHAHA. At first, I was like quite 'quiz-culture-shock' but then I had been immune. Seriously, my brain never stop working during week days, heee tipu je! Time tidur surely my brain stops work out. However, (repeat HOWEVER 100x) no worry laaa, if you give your full attention in class and jot down everything important coming out from your lecturers' mouth in shaaa ALLAH you'll find everything is easy. Plus, if you're doing pre-reading before the class & make sure you understand everything before the lecturers move to the next chapter. Frankly, I had not fully done what I'm saying & I'm regretting it right now. SOBS SOBS. Hopefully, this upcoming new semester, I will do better, a lot better. Pray for me :)

Next, another best thing about Semester 1 is the inter-batch games(IBG). Ala-ala macam Sports Day waktu zaman sekolah dulu laaa... Best2 jugak, tapi RX14 kalah untuk keseluruhan. EH! BUKAN! Belum menang untuk kali ini, in shaa Allah, next2 year kami akan rampas takhta kemenangan plak. #SISGIGIH
Saja nak gtau, sis join Badminton tapi kalah awa so balik awal laa... HAHAHA.

Team baskeball sisters rx14

Team Badminton sister, btw  aku main single.
Done with IBG, sikit jee! HAHAHA.

Nampak gambar sticky notes byk2 kat bawah tuu? Haaaa, you can found it at Library's cafe. You can write anything you like and paste it on the wall. As for me, I just enjoy reading all of them, sometimes certain 'quotes' crack me up. HAHAHA. Keep calm and be creative :)

Hasil tangan aku dari sesi lab subject Pharmacy Practice
My group for all lab session. From left: Aishah Nasir, Mas, myself, Anis, Piqah

My rx buddies members. I love them so much!!! Thanks to Kak Zee & Kak Aini sebab banyak bimbing kiteorang :')

Sisters with Dr. Amira, our beloved favourite Physiology lecturer on her last day in IIUM KUANTAN. Sobss.



The only one foreigner student in our class, Sarah from Iraq.

Anis, terima kasih sangat2 atas jasa2 baik awk. Tak mampu sy nak balas.
Sahabat sampai syurga ye? Semoga awk selamaat di mana saja awk berada.
Food hunting at Mustafa Cendol, Kuantan.

From left: Kak Mun, Nurul. Food hunting at Tappers, ECM Kuantan.
Enjoying my first Nasi Ayam Penyet in front of UIA Kuantan

Miza :)

Escape to Bukit Pelindung, Kuantan. Penat bakhang! Padahal waktu ni tinggal lagi satu exam HAHAHA this is called last paper syndrome. Nak keluar jugak tgok dunia!

Berjaya jugak tawan Bukit Pelindung bersama group lab aku.

Lepas bermandi peluh di Bukit Pelindung, kami pegi isi perut dekat newly opening boutique kat mane ntah lupe!

Food hunting at Aniq Steamboat. Waktu ni konon2 sambut birthday Anis laaa. hihi

Done with outing pictures..!

Now, I would like to share my inner feeling, aceeewah! I'm touched that my 20th birthday is the most special one so far. First time, I was celebrating it with my friends in UIA. I got so many cakes as birthday presents, I got birthday card, I got free food treat from Jaman Tory restaurant and got nice wishes & prayers from people.

Birthday surprise from rx buddies members:)

Birthday surprise from my girlfriends.

And, unpredictedly I was chosen as the representative for education & professionalism bureau from my batch.
I have nothing to promise but I'll do my best. Thanks for believing in me. Pray for me too:) 

Finally, the last examination day. OSPE at KOM. Then, balik rumah tido!!!!!!!!


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